Love a girl in a whole another language
People Look at us strange
Don’t  understand us.
They try to change it
Try to tell i don’t change.
But  talk, love and they
Say it sounds crazy
Love’s even more wild when
You’re angry
Don’t understand why you wanna change it
Girl listen to me!
 Girl you’re just running from the truth
And i’m scared of losing you
You’re worth, to much, to lose
 Baby if you’re still confused
Refren  :
Girl i’m just in love with you
Girl i’m just in love with you
No  other words to use
I’m just in love with you
 I’m just in love with  you
 Just in love with you
Never knew what we have
They don’t understand
We’re just a wast of  time
We know, this is real.
I know how you feel
When you put your hand  in mine…

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  1. Iuliana spune:

    Ador cintecu’ asta!!


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