…am cautat mult piesa impreuna cu video…si in sfirsit a fost postata si in youtube 🙂

….o piesa foarte puternica….personal imi trezeste o gramada de sentimente si o dorinta necunoscuta de a lupta…de a deschide ochii….!!!! 

Open your eyes and you’ll see that
Somebody cries, someone’s leavin’
Open your eyes and tell your neighbours too
It’s so easy for you to

Open your eyes and you’ll see those trades and the lies
Never ending pains and goodbyes
And you could feel them too
You can do it, open your eyes

You are blinded
‘Cause you’ve found what
Someone’s only dreamin’ of
Life, love, peace, money

You’re doing it for all the world

For all of those things never told

And tomorrow say welcome to the sun….


2 responses »

  1. Misterioz spune:

    Ador cintecu asta !!!!


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